Planning & Designing

Umiya Enterprises offers comprehensive planning and design solutions in all areas. Whatever the market, be it transport, energy, township, water, industrial and commercial infrastructure, urban development, special infrastructure, our dynamic engineers and technicians deliver solutions.

Our staff implements cost-effective and time-sensitive planning and design that prevents costly problems during construction, oversees budgets to ensure smooth operation, oversees schedules, and delivers high-quality projects to our clients in private.

Surveying - {Planning and Designing Survey}

Survey is the process of conducting a survey and preparing a complete plan of action to disseminate its desired results. We provide Planning and Designing Survey for architectural services including building constructions on residential, commercial and industrial buildings such as building floor plans, complexes, survey for areas, 3D dimensional elevation, structural designing, and service charges.

Types of Planning and Designing Services we offers

2D plans - {Design 2D plans}
With us, creating a 2D floor plan is easy. Our high quality 2D floor plans are perfect for real estate marketing, home and energy vacation assessments and home improvement projects. Our standard 2D floor plans give you a clear overview of the layout of your property and are great for real estate listings and home improvement projects, such as home remodels and renovations.

3D plans – {Design 3D plans}
Our 3D floor plans are high-resolution and optimised for print and the web. Create beautiful 3D floor plans with us that showcase furnishings, textures and materials to make the space look a true feel.

Interior – {Interior Design Planning}
Interior design is the practice of space planning and designing interior spaces in homes, offices and buildings. This includes creating a floor plan, furniture layout, and designing the look and feel of the space. Interior design also includes specification of furniture, fixtures and finishes, and coordination of their installation.

Consultancy – {Planning & Design Consultancy}
We offer planning and designing consultancy services or project management to clients who do not have their own project management team. In this role, we hire architects, engineers and contractors on behalf of the customer to design and build their building. We integrate our Planning and designing services and work with our customers to solve problems and explore a variety of solutions to deliver exceptional results.

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