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From bulk building materials to advanced building materials, the unique procurement platform offers a wide variety of building materials to help buyers with all their building material procurement needs. It also includes other necessary procurement processes such as - Price Discovery, RFQ Raising, Quick Purchase, Approval Management, Order Management, etc to streamline the entire life cycle of a construction project.

Umiya Enterprises helps you through procurement process that will ultimately save costs and complete the project on time. We have our sister company M/s SB Hardware which provides all kind of building materials and have dealership of several products.

We offer Building Material including construction material, sanitary, plumbing, electrical, flooring, paints, woods,paver blocks etc.

Construction Material:- The construction materials list includes cement, steel, sand, concrete, ready-mix concrete, binding wires, aggregates, bricks, blocks, etc.

We offer sanitary ware, toilet, sink, bathtub and shower tray, this product is very hard, durable and easy to clean. Our plumbing materials include galvanized steel, iron, copper, polybutylene, PVC, chlorinated polyvinylchloride (CPVC) and polyethylene (PE) pipes.

Electrical Materials & Products:- We provide electrical materials including electrical cables and wires, electrical connectors, circuit breakers, electrical box and Electrical Conduit Fitting.

Flooring Materials:- Following are the different types of flooring materials we provide for building construction works – Cement, lime, concrete, bricks, marble, glass, ceramic, plastic, wood, rubber and Mud and Murram Flooring material etc.

Paints and Woods Material:- We provide different types of paints like aluminum paints, Anti-corrosive paints, Cement based paints, Plastic paints and Oil paints etc. We also offer Wood for reliable construction material with long service life.

Paver Blocks:- We provide basic raw materials for the Paver blocks including cement, sand & stone chips.

Why buy construction materials from us?

From estimates to consumption, our construction provides a one-stop solution for all major processes covering the life cycle of a project. Facilitating workflow management including effective procurement of best building materials and service contract management, we offer you building materials at the best price.

At Umiya Enterprises, you can buy from the best building materials suppliers and manufacturers nearby or all over India. After rigorous quality verification before on-boarding a particular building material supplier, Build Supply facilitates price comparisons for different building material suppliers to allow customers to choose according to their needs.

We will deliver you a superior quality of building materials at best prices.We have a building material store that provides a single-window solution for your various needs.

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